4th January 2016

3 Reasons We Love Mondays

Welcome to 2016! We would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and we hope that all your wishes came true over Christmas, i.e. Santa got you that pair of socks you always dreamed of…

Now, onto this glorious Monday – the first Monday of 2016! Many great things have been achieved on this day in history, so it really is up to you to do something great with today and keep the Monday love rolling on throughout 2016. Here are a few examples to get you motivated.

1. On this day in 2000, Catherine Hartley and Fiona Thornewill become the first British women to walk to the South Pole.

These two amazing ladies walked across Antarctica to reach the South Pole with their nine-strong group after covering 680 miles in just over 2 months while braving temperatures as low as -48C. Extraordinary stuff.

South Pole

2. On this day in 1982, Erica Roe became famous as the ‘Twickenham Streaker’.

The 25-year-old ran topless onto the field of play during an England v Australia Rugby match in what is remembered as one of the most famous streaks in history. The police who eventually caught her tried to cover her up using their helmets and this iconic image was snapped.


3. Over the last week The Drifters Motorcycle Club have been standing guard at night in flood hit communities.

Looters have been hitting flood ravaged homes and businesses in the north of England, so The Drifters MCC has engaged with the local police to help deter the bandits by providing some sizeable lads to watch over abandoned buildings at night. What can you do for your community today?


Here’s to a great start to 2016!

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