12th October 2015

3 Reasons We Love Mondays

Happy Monday! There are only 11 Mondays left in 2015, and here are 3 more reasons that you should love Mondays.

1. On this day in 2000, NASA’s 100th Space Shuttle mission was underway and enroute to the Space Station.

Here is a video of the launch, which occurred in the late hours of the 11th of October. What can you achieve today?

2. The traffic is nowhere near as bad in London as it is in Beijing.

Traffic jam

Look at that nightmare!

3. Want to feel better? Do something kind for someone else.

Do some good

After overhearing an upsetting phone conversation on the table next to him, a man discretely paid for two ladies’ dinner in an extraordinary act of compassion. Faith in humanity restored.

Enjoy your Monday!

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