Rumour has it: iPhone 8/X social launch

Design + Digital + Event + Social + Strategy

Kameleon helped Vodafone use the iPhone 8/X launch to build a stronger social brand presence.

— Challenge

Vodafone asked us to help them use the iPhone 8/X launch to build a stronger and more engaging social brand presence during this pivotal calendar moment.

— Solution

We developed an agile creative framework for Vodafone’s iPhone 8/X launch night. Over the course of three weeks, we embedded a team at Vodafone’s HQ who created a tone of voice and developed a creative angle based around simplicity and fun. In the run up to the launch, we seeded creative assets, building excitement by tapping into iPhone speculation. On launch night, we worked in partnership with Vodafone’s community managers to evaluate sentiment and activate our agile creative framework. Our team was able to turn around creative assets in 6 minutes, allowing Vodafone to engage with evolving social conversations in real-time. Our iPhone announcement activity was 650% higher in comparison to previously run activity.

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