10th June 2016

Eiffel Tower Lightshow #Euros2016

The Euros have kicked off today, and it’s set to play out in a big way in France and on Twitter.

UEFA announced the release of exclusive Twitter emojis for every competing nation in the tournament.

When fans tweet for example #ENG a ball with the flag of St George replaces the hashtag. Tweeting #EURO2016 will show a mini cup.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 15.30.00

The very best part is the light display. Exactly 10 minutes after each match day the country with the most tweeted hashtag will see the colours of their national flag illuminate The Eiffel Tower.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 17.00.47

YouTube has been running 360° video for quite some time now and Mark Zuckerberg launched it on Facebook yesterday.

Lets see how Twitter can catch up to this video trend?

We loved @Orange Star Of Euro 2016 360° videos.

As the official sponsor of the Euros they launched with Zinédine Zidane at the front in search for the worlds biggest fans.

The immersive video leads with Zidane walking down the tunnel, award in hand, to congratulate you the world greatest fan.

Behind you, mischief is in full force with a super fan running away from security in a bit to capture your signature.

Notably the Polish 360° edit replaces the fan with a streaker. Can you spot him?

The journey continues with players throwing ice buckets and celebrating in the changing rooms to interviews at the car window and a seat next to Zidane himself.

With that, and both fingers double-crossed. Maybe we will see the first red and white Eiffel Tower tomorrow?

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