28th November 2017

Introducing Toby & Roo

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to Kameleon’s Talent Roster: Toby & Roo.

‘Sharing the wins and woes of parenting’, Toby & Roo follows Harriet Shearsmith’s everyday adventures taking care of three kids, two dogs, four cats and a husband. With almost 100K followers on Instagram, and recent winner of the Vuelio Parenting blog of the year 2017, Toby & Roo takes on the world with a pinch of salt a handful of humour.

Toby & Roo’s stats:

13k Facebook likes

22k Twitter followers

99k Instagram followers

9k Pintrest Followers

36k monthly blog readers

Read our release HERE

For more information, contact Craig Knox, Head of Talent: craig.knox@kameleon.co.uk

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