21st July 2017

Kameleon launches Energy Sprawl – interactive tool for TNC

Kameleon has produced an interactive web tool for the Nature Conservancy (TNC) that visualizes the trade-offs involved with the growing shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The tool challenges users to provide for an ever-increasing global energy demand, whilst staying under CO2 emissions & avoiding Energy Sprawl – the potential for large areas of land to be used for energy production if energy placement isn’t carefully planned.

Kameleon was first appointed by the Global Lands Division of TNC to develop their marketing and content strategy in 2015.

With a legacy that spans over 60 years and 35 countries, The Nature Conservancy is one of the world’s largest conservation organizations working at the intersection of global development and environmental challenges. It has more than one million members.

The Global Lands division focuses on protecting critically important habitats and transforming how we use our working lands, with the aim of improving livelihoods, protecting biodiversity and reducing risk from climate change.

Can you find the balance that meets our growing energy needs, but also minimizes carbon emissions and the amount of land converted?

Check out the Energy Sprawl tool HERE

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