20th September 2018

Keeping nature from becoming #TheForgottenSolution

During the ‘People’s Climate Movement’ at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in California, we launched #TheForgottenSolution, an integrated campaign to bring awareness and action to natural climate solutions. Research tells us that nature can be ONE THIRD of the climate solution required by 2030 – if we are to meet the Paris Agreement goals. It’s scalable, affordable and available right now, yet it is less than 1% of the conversation and receives less than 3% of climate funding. We’re helping Nature4Climate change that and make sure that nature doesn’t become #TheForgottenSolution.


THE FORGOTTEN SOLUTION (2018) | Official Trailer | Movie trailer

The challenge with talking about solutions to climate change is that people think they know it all – electric cars and recycling. But there’s another solution – Nature. We created a movie trailer to bring viewers in under the guise of a typical American action-film movie to introduce Nature as the original and most natural carbon-capture technology that has been in use for over 1 billion years.

In the midst of GCAS, we launched the trailer at a high-level event hosted by Nature4Climate and WBCSD while activating the trailer across digital , as well as through guerrilla tactics on the ground. Watch the trailer on The Forgotten Solution Microsite.


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How do you build a movement in support of natural climate solutions? One way is by enlisting the help of 195 handpicked global ambassadors to highlight the importance of nature – forests, farmlands and wetlands – as a response to climate change. During GCAS, we asked influencers from around the world to share an image of a tree of significance from their country, highlighting the important role that trees, forests and all natural climate solutions play in drawing down carbon from the atmosphere. Check out the interactive map on The Forgotten Solution website.



We stand for Tree Speech

Nature can deliver on third of the solution to climate change by 2030. But the media isn’t covering nature, so at GCAS, we did it for them by taking over the cover pages of some of the most recognisable publications: National Treeographic, Wall Tree Journal, OAK!, Cosmopollentian, Vinential Times, Los Angeleaf Times, The Ecologist – just to name a few. We installed our newsstand installation, Tree Speech, at the Forest, Food and Lands day before moving it to the GCAS summit.


“To crack a difficult brief is great, but to have the work own the conversation during the entire summit really is the best outcome everyone could have wished for”
– Yacco Vijn, Executive Creative Director –

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About Nature4Climate

Nature4Climate is a new campaigning vehicle which is supported by a multi-stakeholder coalition. Its purpose is to use strategic communications to drive action on natural climate solutions. We bring voices from governments, IGOs, NGOs, and business – underpinned by a steering group with communications and advocacy representation currently from CBD, CI, TNC, the UNDP, WHRC, WRI, WWF.

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