18th December 2015

Our Favourite 10 Pieces Of Advertising In 2015

Well, well, well- 2015 is drawing to a close and what a year for advertising it has been.

So sit down, grab a mince pie, some port and enjoy Kameleon’s favourite pieces of advertising from 2015. In no particular order because we know the true winners of 2015 was us – Content Marketing Agency of the Year – just in case you missed it….

1: Tate Britain – Grey

How do you encourage people to see a work of art that they can access through a phone in the blink of an eye? You present it as a beautiful piece of writing showcasing how culturally relevant historical works can be.

A beautifully simplistic campaign that is thought provoking – and made me think that perhaps that some of the more questionable cave paintings of humans getting intimate with animals was simply a form of primitive social media shaming after one too many mulled forest waters….


2: Mulberry – A&EDDB

Mulberry understands the exclusivity and desirability of their brand and find the humour in it. When last year’s #WinChristmas saw the Bayswater beat puppies and unicorns, this year heralds the bag as the second coming. Ballsy, but brilliant.

3: Star Wars – Duracell

The force is certainly strong with this one. Few brands have successfully made a connection between their brand and the franchise- Star Wars oranges, anyone? What child, on seeing the films as a youngster, didn’t run around the house brandishing anything that could resemble a lightsabre? It’s relatable across generations, resulting in a successful piece of content.

4: Tower Insurance – Bike Stealing Penguin

Well I wasn’t expecting that… Too right my little kiwi friend. This was weird, funny and so enjoyable. I would love to know the creative process that went behind it- a lovely refreshing approach to insurance from the team over at Tower Insurance.

5: LastMinute.com – Valentine’s

 Appealing to our childish sense of humour, this was a great piece of bravery on the part of both agency & brand using a range of phallic shapes and brilliantly cut clips to promote Valentine’s trips away. Who said romance was dead…

6: Volvo – LifePaint

Always one to create a show-stopping ad, Volvo does it again. It may not involve Jean-Claude Van Damme or lorries but it is genius. With more people getting in the saddle, combined with increasingly busy roads, precautions need to be made to reduce the injuries and deaths sustained by cyclists. The product was cheap and readily available, while the film was beautifully shot and thought-provoking.

7: Samsung – School of Rugby

Asking Martin Johnson whether sometimes he just wants to be held must be one of the single funniest lines in advertising in 2015. Fronted by cocky, public school comedian Jack Whitehall, it was a sublime blend of rugby greats and comedic genius. Though not an official partner, Samsung’s branded ads introduced a greater audience to the sport, while maintaining the interest of stoic supporters.

8: Guinness – Never Alone

Although their mantra ‘good things come to those who wait’ may have been taken too literally by the England Team, this is a brilliant piece of work. With a history of promoting rugby as more than just a sport, they addressed the stigma associated with professional sportsmen and homosexuality through the story of ex-Welsh captain Gareth Thomas.

9: Spies Rejser –Do It For Mom (sic)

With birth rates at an all time low in Denmark and some parents wanting the mantle of grandparent, Spies Rejser provide a solution. Why create a dull service ad, when you can encourage your audience to do their bit for their country, while giving you customers?

10: Hostelworld – Hostelling With Chris Eubank.

 This is a prime example of reactive advertising at its VERY best. As a big Alan Partridge fan, I’ve been trotting this line out for over 10-years and was delighted to see it come to life.

Chris Euabnk played his part so fantastically well and in such a Chris Eubank classic style. A superb piece of advertising. You never know, we might see Monkey Tennis next year?

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