— Senior Digital Designer

Leo Williamson

A designer with a decade of experience, Leo found his passion for design as a child, drawing artefacts, sculptures, and creations from great artists, engineers and scientists. This innate curiosity and passion for the arts set his foundation as a graphic designer with expertise across print, digital, motion graphics, exhibition design, web development and anything else you can throw at him. Outside Kameleon, he runs a food blog with his family, watches cartoons and has Lord of the Rings on repeat.


Richard Armstrong

Starting off in advertising as an Account Planner at Ammirati Puris Lintas and then Regional Planning Director for Ogilvy in... View Article


Steve Butterworth

Steve has produced feature films, broadcast TV and digital content for over twenty years. With a background as an exec... View Article

— Executive Creative Director

Yacco Vijn

Yacco is an award-winning ECD with over 20 years of experience on brand campaigns, global pitches, content pieces, social things,... View Article

— Business Director

Olivia Clarkson

Olivia has spent the majority of her career in creative advertising agencies where she has managed and led key brand... View Article

— Head of Strategy

Asad Shaykh

A brand strategist with over a decade of globally nurtured business acumen, Asad’s passion for storytelling has been honed by... View Article

— Account Director

Emily Jones

A digital content and strategy specialist, Emily spent 5 years at Jam (formerly part of The Engine Group), learning how... View Article

— Head of Talent and Influencer Marketing

Craig Knox

Craig is a pioneer in influencer strategy, marrying together brands and talent to deliver best-in-class engagement. His work in the... View Article

— New Business & Marketing

Alexander Dale

Alexander comes to Kameleon with an interdisciplinary background in brand consulting, architecture and property development, working with brands across North... View Article

— Senior Account Manager

Reena Chadee

Reena is a Senior Account Manager on Kameleon’s Nature Conservancy account. Her experience spans from working at global marketing agencies,... View Article

— Senior Digital Designer

Leo Williamson

A designer with a decade of experience, Leo found his passion for design as a child, drawing artefacts, sculptures, and... View Article

— Senior Talent Manager

Millicent Wilkinson

Joining Kameleon as an intern in 2014, Millie has worked on accounts such as Quorn, Celebrity Cruises, Lee Cooper and... View Article

— Digital Producer

Rupert Cottam

— Senior Account Manager

Grace Kramer

— Senior Account Manager

Kassra Kay

Kassra has built up a roster of experience working for tech brands such as ATL campaigns for Lebara mobile, pitch work for Intel and CRM work... View Article

— Planner

Richard Harrison

Delivering digital brand strategy across Kameleon’s portfolio of clients, Rich – or as he’s known professionally, Reggie – ensures all output... View Article

— Content Manager

Jion Legaspi

— Content Manager

Laura Greenslade

— Account Producer

Martina Cavalot

With experience in Advertising and Production for global brands including SONY Mobile, Novartis and Kellogg’s, Martina is proficient in account... View Article

— Creative

Tom Charter

— Creative

Ivaylo Lazarov

— Junior Planner

Angharad Goode

Having never shaken off the childlike habit of constantly asking ‘Why?’, Angharad made the switch to strategy, after studying graphic... View Article

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