22nd April 2016

Pinterest – A New Form of Social Discovery

In the modern age, we are drowning in the amount of social media available; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, & YouTube to name a few. Brands are spoilt for choice when deciding which platform will best support their campaign.

So why should brands choose Pinterest?

Pinterest provides brands with a two powerful options: Showcasing a brand’s personality and taste through their “boards”, while also capitalising on the discovery aspect of the platform as a powerful referral tool that can drive users to explore brand’s websites.

Brands including Whole Foods, Urban Decay, and Honda have all used the platform effectively to create innovative campaigns to increase customer engagement, email subscriptions and publicity.

A key development in Pinterest’s growth from the proverbial sapling into a mighty oak is the introduction of Rich Pins.

Rich Pins are Pinterest’s method of connecting users with more information within the platform. Previously pins were purely visual with a link redirecting users away from the platform. Rich Pins allow brands to embed useful information directly onto the pins, keeping users engaged with their boards.

For instance, a rich recipe pin is not just a picture of the finished product but includes the ingredients and cooking time. Travel pins won’t be unknown scenic vistas but actually show where the place is on the world map. Product pins include real time pricing and availability of the item, as well as calls to actions to buy or find out more about that particular item.

Rich Pins make a platform primarily used for inspiration more interactive and informative – something that brands should capitalise on when planning campaigns.

What does this mean for brands?

Rich pins are inexpensive and easy to implement. Brands should consider using these tools as an innovative and exciting way to direct users towards products or experiences they offer.

Lastly, Pinterest could become an important revenue stream. A number of recent studies, including one from beauty retailer Sephora indicate their Pinterest users spend more money than Facebook users for items.

Bottom line?

Pinterest is an innovative, exciting discovery platform that has a great user experience. Also, from what we can see so far, it has a larger measurable commercial impact than Facebook.

So if you’re not on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?

To learn about how to use Rich Pins click here.

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