20th May 2016

Snapchat – Selfies & Self Promotion

Snapchat has unquestionably transformed our social engagement habits overnight. Redefining the ‘selfie’ is just one example – say hello to the use of Snapchat’s animated ‘lenses’, making us look cute (and sometimes scary) from sporting dog features to virtual crowns of flowers.

As the art of selfies continues to evolve through Snapchat, other wild and wonderful changes in Snapchat interactions are taking place and all sorts of businesses and brands are becoming more and more engaged with their audience through Snapchat.

In the words of Paul Rand:

design is so simple paul rand-01

The same goes with business. Snapchat has given businesses – from startup to global scale- a platform to speak to their audience in a simple, direct and ‘live’ way, while receiving instant responses from their target market to enable instant reactions.

Take Justin Kan – an entrepreneur and investor. Since Justin has his fingers in almost every social and entrepreneurial pie, it’s not surprising that his Snapchat following is huge, and growing. He allows his audience to delve into his world, i.e. offering startup advice whilst working out on a treadmill – it doesn’t get much more authentic than that. Snapchat has allowed Justin’s popularity to grow and widen, and with that, the popularity of his own business ventures.

Justin’s next business venture is using exactly what’s helping his others – Snapchat. Take the familiar concept of ‘Dragon’s Den’, take it out of the tense, sweaty-palmed boardroom, and what do you get? Kan’s ‘Snapchat Pitch Competition’ – offering new business ideas a platform to be heard, and begin their startup venture with an investment of $20,000.

How does it work, and why Snapchat?

Candidates pitch directly to Justin and his team through a series of Snapchat stories – in a simple, real and genuine way. Finalists then take over Justin’s Snapchat channel from May 23rd to May 26th to impress the audience with their business idea. By eliminating any ‘boardroom’ time and fancy frills, the candidates are left with only their personality and raw idea to hook the community, who will then vote for their favourite startup.

Snapchat offers Kan something that Dragon’s Den doesn’t – customer opinion, insight and feedback. The audience reaction to a brand is important in any investment, and what better way to hear it but directly from them, instantly?

So what’s in it for the candidates?

Self-promotion- widely and quickly. It’s a win-win.

This simple, but effective approach to business using Snapchat confirms just how relevant the platform is in order for businesses to tune-in with their audiences, and gain insight into what customers really want from them.

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