15th October 2015

Top 5 Business Clichés

With the return of The Apprentice last night, we thought we’d round up our Top 5 unnecessary business clichés…

5. Cross-pollination


Now bees are important for the environment and all, but cross-pollination sounds like a strange unnatural hybrid which we do not want to be part of.

4. Data-driven


Numbers may be able to help inform creativity, but they should never be the main driver. Why, in a creative industry, would you want to kill the creativity?

3. Maximise leverage


You may think ‘maximise leverage’ makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about, but too often you’re using it incorrectly… Please stop.

2. Break down the silos 

siloI still don’t really know what this means- and I rarely want to think about silage during a meeting.

1. Peel back the layers of the onion


I swear there’s a Shrek reference in here somewhere… I’m not really a fan of things that make me cry (especially briefs) so let’s be rid of the negativity and go for a more positive layered item, like an artichoke.

And there you go- our Top 5 unnecessary  business clichés

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