16th September 2015

Top 5 Twitter Blunders by UK Politians

Twitter can be a fickle mistress, especially for unwary British politicians… Today we’ll take you through some famous facepalms from British politics.

5. Grant Shapps’ Bingo!

After the details of the 2014 budget were made public, Tory Chairman Grant Shapps tweeted this advert celebrating some of the cuts:


Twitter exploded in outrage at the patronising tone inferring that the “hardworking” – i.e. working class –  all love a spot of beer’n’bingo. As usual, the internet responded in fine form, producing some hilarious parodies…

Bingo Parody

Well played, Duncan Hothersall, well played.

4. Cameron accidentally mentions Ian Duncan Smith parody account.

Back in 2013, PM David Cameron was ridiculed when, in a tweet about benefit caps, he tagged an account which openly mocked his Secretary of State for work and pensions – Ian Duncan Smith.


It turns out Ian Duncan Smith wasn’t even on Twitter…

3. Ed Miliband’s typo

Typos are commonplace on Twitter and largely go unnoticed… Unless you are the leader of the opposition making a rather unfortunate one after the death of a high-profile figure. His well meaning tweet in 2012 had Twitter sniggering…


Miliband’s error was quickly snapped up by social media and #Blackbusters began trending soon after. It probably didn’t help that Ed had just roasted Dianne Abbott for a social media mishap!

2. Ed Balls.

Some things can never be forgotten, as Ed Balls found out with his spectacular entrance to the Twittersphere. Much to the delight of his followers everywhere he simply tweeted his own name…

Ed Balls

“Ed Balls day” has been marked every year since the original tweet in 2011, Ed balls himself even got in on the act last year.

1. David Cameron on the phone to Barack Obama

In the middle of the Crimean Crisis, Cameron took an action shot of him on the phone to the US President:Cameron

Twitter, and in particularly comedian Rob Delaney, decided that Cameron was taking himself a bit too seriously and produced an internet meme and numerous parodies. Celebrities started to get involved, and Sir Patrick Stewart uploaded this stellar image:


Great stuff!

There we have it, the Top 5 Twitter blunders from UK Politicians!

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