6th November 2015

Top 5 Videos from the Rugby World Cup

Rugby fans around the world will be lamenting the end of one of the most spectacular RWC tournaments in the history of the game. The realisation will hit hard over the coming weeks as fans come to grips with the 4 long years they will have to wait to see their heroes do battle on the world stage again. But do not despair! We have a few treats that should help to keep you going.

5. The Top 10 Tries from RWC 2015

We watch rugby for the excitement and this tournament certainly didn’t disappoint with some amazing tries being scored. Here are some of the best:

4. The best tackles from RWC 2015

The physicality of this sport has only become more impressive with players becoming faster, stronger and more technically proficient in the modern game.

3. SBW gives his RWC medal away to a fan

After the All Blacks’ historic win over the Wallabies in the final, a young New Zealand fan ran onto the pitch to celebrate with his hero. Understandably, he was tackled by security, but Sonny Bill came to his rescue and even gave him his winning medal in a stunning act of generosity. A great example of the spirit of rugby and why the All Blacks are such a fantastic team.

2. The best reactions to Japan’s winning try over South Africa

Arguably the greatest moment of RWC 2015. It’s hard not to feel a stirring of emotion by an underdog victory over one of rugby’s greatest nations.

1. Passion and Emotion at RWC 2015

Rugby is a sport built on values of respect, leadership and courage. The passion and raw emotion displayed by players, coaches, and fans alike during this World Cup gives a powerful insight into how healthy the sport is, and what the tournament means to them. This will give you goosebumps.

Stay strong rugby fans! Only 3 years, 10 months and 13 days until RWC 2019 in Japan!

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