23rd October 2015

Top 5 Videos of The Week

Happy Friday! That’s right, it’s also time for the 5 videos that have been making us laugh, cry, and cry with laughter this week.

5. Hotline Bling – Drake Remastered

Our Friday Funny. This week US Rapper Drake released his new video to his single, Hotline Bling. Some of the dance moves were slightly – OK, completely – ridiculous, prompting internet trolls form all over the internet to work some amazing magic. Be prepared for a belly laugh.

4. Back To The Future in ACTUAL 2015 – College Humor

The folks at College Humor (I know, they spelled it wrong) have put together a great representation of what Marty and Doc would have really encountered!

3. Spies Travel – Do It For Mum

Spies Travel joins forces with wannabe grandmas in Denmark to fight the low birth rate in this hilarious ad promoting the potential benefits of active holidays.

2. Keith Lemon – Back T’Future Tribute

In a week of Back To The Future banter, Keith Lemon has recreated the opening scene for ITV with his usual hilarious style.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Holy Mother of God. The second trailer for the new Star Wars movie has us all salivating with anticipation ahead of the December 18 release – we cannot wait!

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