11th December 2015

Top 5 Videos of The Week

Happy Friday! With only 14 sleeps until Christmas, we thought the time is just about perfect to get festive with our top 5. This week we have gone for a more in-depth look at the late night delivery man who leaves behind a few prezzies in your living room, but only after working his way through half of your dad’s beer fridge, a whole jar of your auntie’s best biscuits, and uprooting most of your prize carrots from the garden for his reindeer.

We thought we’d share a few clips of what he gets up to when he isn’t doing the frantic rounds on Christmas Eve…

1. In the beginning…

Before he graduated from sleigh school, a young Santa had to prove himself on the pug sleigh. It even came with training wheels! Probably best never to mention this to him, might embarrass the poor fellow…

2. Santa tries to impress the ladies

In his teenage years, a much skinnier and more athletic Santa went for some smooth moves on the parallel bars. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work out exactly as planned.

3. Santa and his mates get wild in Chicago

After a few too many root beers, Santa and some of his closest buddies from up north decide to do some traffic dodging!

4. Chimney inspection goes south

During a seemingly routine chimney inspection, Santa spots something at ground level and goes to get a closer look. No Santas were harmed in this video.

5. Santa, Eggnog, and shiny tiles

What could possibly go wrong? Ask him about ’93, Santa still has the bumps to prove it.

We hope you enjoyed our countdown, and get excited for what Santa has in store for us this year. Merry Christmas from all of us at Kameleon!

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