19th February 2016

Top 5 Videos of The Week

Happy Friday!! Welcome back to another edition of our favourite weekly countdown – the top 5 videos of the week! We have had a great time putting this together, we hope you get as much enjoyment watching it!

5. Marmot – Fall In Love With The Outside

A recent superbowl ad from Marmot clothing, featuring music from Flight of the Conchords.

4. Nissan – The Foolproof Guide To Electric Driving

Part of a hilarious series giving people the down-low on the benefits of the electric car.

4. Chris Pritchard – Skylight

An amazing look at the sky and horizon in timelapse.

2. Wipeout: Kids Edition

1. James Veitch – TED Talk

James shows us what happens when you actually reply to your SPAM email.


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