9th October 2015

Top 5 Videos of The Week

For this week’s Top 5, we are showcasing the best branded content from September.

5. Pot Noodle – You Can Make It

Pot Noodle’s advertising has always been a great laugh, and this one is no different, brilliantly parodying the aspirational style of a lot of branded content these days.

4. Lexus – Slide

An exhilarating film showcasing an impressive engineering feat.

3. John Lewis – Tiny Dancer

This heartwarming video hits the spot with an outstanding human feel for an insurance message.

2. Hostelworld – Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank

18 years after the original Alan Partridge joke, it has finally become reality.

1. Honda – Ignition

Honda have consistently produced highly entertaining branded content for their followers. This piece celebrates the technological success that Honda have had over the past year. Enjoy!

There you have it, the best branded content for September 2015.

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